The Area

Mondragone (Ce)

territorio mondragone


is an important agricultural and touristic center of the region Campania in the province of Caserta .

Surrounded by the slopes of the Mount Petrino and the Domitian coast , about 20 meters above sea level, offers a myriad of natural landscapes typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

It is about 46 km from the city of Caserta and about 50 km from Naples .

Thanks to the mild climate and the extraordinary fertility of the earth , Mondragone is famous since ancient times for the cultivation of vines from which is produced the excellent Falernum – so much lauded and praised by Pliny , Horace , Tibullus and Martial – that embellished the luxurious imperial canteens .

Staying on the gastronomic theme  do not forget the mozzarella , typical cheese made ​​with buffalo milk which  has awarded the DOC since few years.